One of our very favorite websites is Cute Overload.. If you’re not familiar you really must check it out, you’re bound to bookmark it!

Hostess and founder of Cute Overload, Meg, is the collector of cute, the queen of cute, the cute overlord, the cute-meister! I don’t know how she does it but you can visit her site several times a day, and rarely do you load the page without letting out a big sigh.. awhhhh!

So to give you some incentive and continue with our cat craze, here are some of Cute Overload‘s cutest cats!

cutecat1.jpg cutecat3.jpg

cutecat4.jpg cutecat2.jpg

While you’re there we encourage you to help Meg out by visiting her sponsors’ websites too! …Enjoy!

ps: all kittens aside, this is my personal, all-time favorite cute overload critter. he was actually dubbed the World Peace Hamster. don’t you just want to squeeze his puffy little cheeks?!


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