We love HGTV! Don’t you love HGTV? Who doesn’t love HGTV?! Well as much as we love HGTV, we didn’t even know that they had a blog until a friend told us.. “Hey, your pet portraits were featured on HGTV’s blog!”

hgtv1The blog is appropriately called Design Happens, so we went looking and sure enough there we were, in a feature titled Creature Comforts along with some other Pop-ular pet portrait artists. In referencing our custom pet portraits they selected an oldie but a goodie for an example of our Traditional Style artwork created from your pet’s photos.


This adorable rottweiler puppy, Gracie, was rendered with a soft colored pencil style effect which suited her photo and her personality perfectly.

We are flattered to have been included in this little story suggesting that pet lovers be clever when they adorn their space with their pet’s face. And of course we encourage you to do the same with a whimsical work of art created from your pet’s photos in our Traditional Style, Pop Art, or Comic Style portraits!

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