July 4th is next weekend and it can be a very stressful time for pets. We found a variety of great tips from experts on about how to prepare your dogs and cats for the upcoming noisy festivities, including exposing them to loud cd’s with thunder or fireworks noises for several days prior:

The Fourth of July is next weekend, bringing with it sparklers, Roman candles and loud fireworks. Several fireworks and pet companies are encouraging people to prepare their pets for the loud noises.

Phantom Fireworks, based in Youngstown, Ohio, advises that pets might experience stress and anxiety when they hear the bangs and whistles of fireworks.

Janet Tobiassen Crosby, a doctor of veterinary medicine and writer for the Veterinary Medicine Guide, said pets are at risk when they hear loud fireworks and become upset.

“Animals that are frightened or stressed can hurt themselves and possibly escape if left alone,” Crosby said. “And the results can be fatal. Frightened animals running loose are in great danger of being hit by a car.”

Fireworks.com advises people to consider moving their pets inside when setting off fireworks.  patriotic_pup

British Web site Canine Concepts suggests pet owners desensitize pets to loud noises by playing a compact disc with thunder or fireworks noises for several days leading up to the holiday. While the CD plays, the owners can distract their pets by playing with them, training them or giving them a chew toy.

If a pet becomes stressed, Canine Concepts recommends not comforting the animal, because that can encourage unwanted behavior it exhibits while stressed. The Web site www.canineconcepts.co.uk offers more information.

Phantom Fireworks has created a K-9 Calming Vest for the Fourth of July holiday. The vest fits snugly around a dog to give the animal a feeling of safety and security.

The vest comes in different sizes and retails for $36. The product is sold at fireworks.com and in Phantom Fireworks.

The company also suggests feeding pets an hour before fireworks begin going off and feeding animals snacks while explosions are happening, as well as using music or the television to drown out the sound and playing with the pets.

Whatever you think will work best for your animals, we encourage you to consider their concerns before you plan to celebrate with your patriotic pet!

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