Wow, another New Year… sorry we’ve been a little out of touch, we always need a little time to recover after the holiday hecticness around here. But now lets start 2011 with something awesome, our favorite… Animal Rescue Stories! Just click the headlines below to read the entire stories, which all have happy endings..

Firefighters save deer floating out to sea on ice


A terrified deer has been rescued by firefighters in Poland after drifting out to sea on a chunk of ice.
The deer is thought to have became stranded on a floe when it ran onto ice near the village of Ustronie Morskie after being scared by dogs.
Luckily passersby spotted it drifting around 200 meters from the shore in the Baltic Sea and called fire services who launched a successful rescue mission.

Firefighters rescue dog from frigid Charles River

Boston firefighters saved a black Labrador retriever known as Trooper from drowning in the Charles River Tuesday night, Fire Department officials said.
Firefighters received a call about a dog in the river around 8 p.m. They rushed to the scene, and Lieutenant Vincent Dimino of Ladder 11, wearing a survival suit that was tethered to the shore by a rope, swam out about 45 feet to the dog.

“The dog was going under repeatedly, so he put a bear hug around the dog and then the firefighters pulled him to shore.”

Dramatic FDNY Kitten Rescue Yesterday

..we’ve never actually seen a firetruck arrive on the scene to help a cat stuck in a tree, but staffers at Assemblyman Joe Lentol’s office stood by yesterday as firefighters helped a kitten out of a wall.

And in case you’re interested, the kitten is now at Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition (BARC), a no-kill animal shelter in North Williamsburg, waiting to be adopted.

Here’s hoping 2011 has a happy ending for all of you – and hoping fewer animals require rescuing!

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