Many, many, many times over the years we have had many conversations with clients who have black dogs or cats about getting good quality photos – it’s not easy. So when we saw this on Gizmodo we found it interesting that it’s such a widespread issue!

We frequently have photos like this one submitted for consideration.

This one in particular however was not submitted by one of our clients, it is part of a collection for an entire book dedicated to the issue now available called, In Almost Every Picture #9 Black Dog. It chronicles one family’s struggle in capturing their black pup’s face over the years. It’s the ninth book in a series of hilarious amateur photography-plights.

Perhaps, we’ll recommend it to future clients or pick up a copy for ourselves so we can better advise them. In the meantime, we do have a section dedicated to it on our Photo Tips page:

A special note if your pet is black or very dark colored, their dark fur may absorb the light and, when photographed they may look like a black blob in the picture. This is why front light is best for shooting animals whose coats are black or very dark brown, to help provide contrast. Solid white or very light colored fur can pose the opposite but equal challenges, as the detail and contrast of their features may get washed out by too much light, so try some shots with and without the flash to see which works best.

We are also always willing to work with clients as much as it takes to get a photo pf their black pet that’s ideal for an awesome original portrait. Like this one..


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