As we have pointed out, Kylie was and still is the inspiration behind Pop Art Pet. But in addition to the many, custom portraits we have created featuring Kylie, which you have no doubt seen around the site and in this blog, we have had several other artist commemorate Kylie’s unique beauty! We thought we would show them off and encourage others to support the arts – especially pet art!

Of course Kylie has modeled for professional pet photographers, both in black and white by Doghouse Studios, and in color by One Fine Day.

pet photographycustom pet portrait

custom pet drawing We had a caricature done of her by artist Brian Nutt.

We even had Guillermo, the talent behind Woof Art do a custom Pop portrait of her too! custom pet art

Yes, he is our competition technically but in this business there is plenty of room for “friendly competition”, and we are happy to consider Guillermo a friend!

Possibly my favorite original creation of Kylie, however are the little figurines created in her likeness.

custom pet art

I call them my claymation Kylies – they’re adorable!

Anyway, the point is, there are lots of very talented artists out there specializing in custom pet art so there is bound to be one that appeals specifically to you and perfectly suits your pet’s personality. Or if you’re like us, lots of them will! In fact, if you know of, or see any other really creative forms of custom pet art please let us know!

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