We have some current clients who may love their pets nine times more than most.. They wanted to see the big, beautiful, Bonnie & Boomer, their massive Bull Mastiffs, in a very large NINE panel Pop Style portrait!

We were admittedly a little overwhelmed by the prospect of this project, but also pretty excited..

It took a while to get just the right collection of head shots of these two, fortunately these two are excellent models, and their parents are pretty good pet photographers. So finally this is the layout we began working with.

Mastiff artwork

Then, it took awhile for our artist to do our magic – nearly nine times longer than usual – but we were able to put together four proofs for them to choose from. Like this one..

Mastiff artwork

That’s like 36 color combinations, and the most panels we’ve ever done for one portrait. Whew, we need a nap now!

If you’re interested in a jumbo portrait of your pet or pets with 8 panels, 9 panels or maybe even 12, just contact us. We’re your source for super-sized, one of a kind, custom, Pop Style portraits created from your pet’s photos!

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