Since our name is Pop Art Pet, obviously our specialty is custom portraits of your pet in that quintessential Pop Art, Warhol-esque style. In fact our classic four-panel design is by far the fan favorite. But did you know we also do beautiful work on our Traditional Style portraits?

Not only is this style of custom pet art beautiful, it’s a little more affordable than our Pop Art or Comic style pet portraits.  Our Traditional Style art is also more forgiving when it comes to the quality of photo required. This is helpful when we are doing memorial portraits of beloved pets who have passed on and there aren’t many pictures for us to choose from, or when a client is purchasing one of our portraits as a gift and doesn’t want to spoil the surprise by requesting bigger better photos from the pet lover.

So even though our Pop Art pet portraits are cute and kitschy, consider instead a tasteful Traditional Style portrait for a timeless masterpiece of your pet! And remember, you can order right now and receive our extra services – laminate and gallery borders – for free! Visit our Specials Page for details and order today.

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