The effervescent and unforgettable Kylie was the inspiration for the formation Pop Art Pet; as such she has been the subject of multiple portraits that will forever grace our walls. So she provides the perfect example of all three of our styles of custom pet portraits.

Pop Art – Still the most popular style among our clients, especially the quintessential Warhol-style, four-panel. But for Kylie we opted for the larger-than-life single panel!

Comic – The best option for displaying your pet’s personality in vivid detail. For capturing Kylie’s craziness there was only one option, her arch nemises, Pinky! That crazed look in her eye is how she looked whenever she contemplated un-stuffing her favorite/most hated toy.

Traditional – Over the years, its possible that the soft subtle styles of our traditional pet portraits have become our favorite. They just turn out so beautiful, and of course Kylie’s artwork is no exception if we may say so. We have done both a favorite photo of Kylie enjoying a great day, and a close-up of her cute face. And the latter we decided to have framed instead of stretching for a different look.

kylietrad1 kylietrad2

Ultimately, deciding which style of art is best for your pet’s portrait comes down to your individual artistic taste, but we feel we have something to appeal to everyone and to capture the personality of every pet.

PS: If your pet has enough personality for three different portrait styles, we’d be happy to offer you a bulk discount!

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