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Obviously many, if not all, of our clients are art lovers as well as animal lovers, so occasionally we get special requests to emulate a favorite artist.

For example not long ago we were asked to do a portrait of this adorable Basenji, Tucker. The custom pet portrait was a gift for Tucker’s dad who is a big fan of Van Gogh. This is what our artist came up with.

Not bad, huh?

Then there’s Mojo, a happy boy reportedly always in motion! His dad wanted us to design a portrait as a gift for his mom, and he wanted us to know that she loves the works of James Michalopoulos, a celebrated New Orleans based artist.

He was hoping we could just use the same sort of vibrant colors and similar texture for his Traditional style pet portrait of Mojo.

We hope his mom likes our use of colors and texture too!

We actually appreciate it when our clients have specific ideas and special requests, it gives us direction and often provides us with new and exciting challenges.

Please contact us if you have a favorite artist and want to know if we can do a portrait of your pet in a similar style.

A great “Sanctuary Story” from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Utah recently involved one of our favorite clients, Marissa.

It seems that a woman named Macey was hiking around in southern Utah, not far from Best Friends, looking for Native American artifacts. What Macey found instead was a dog badly in need of help. Ava’s leg was caught in a coyote trap. It seemed like Ava had been there at least a day.

In fact, Ava was lucky indeed that Macey showed up at all. This particular spot was at least five miles from the closest home. Macey freed Ava from the trap and then spent a week and a half trying to track down Ava’s family. Ava wasn’t wearing a collar, and no one responded to fliers and newspaper ads. Meanwhile, the vets taking care of Ava thought she would need to lose the injured leg. Macey was not in a position to care for Ava long-term. So after it became obvious that nobody would claim Ava, the pup came to Best Friends to heal. They were of course willing to find or provide her with a forever home and they managed to save her leg! Now she melts hearts on contact!

Then the story gets even better for Ava and for our regular client Marissa, who randomly came across the article about Ava and contacted Best Friends Animal Society/Dogtown. Marissa had spent a week at Best Friends as a volunteer in February so she just contact them to ask how this beautiful golden was doing. Then according to Marissa, “They asked if I was interested in adoption – there were several applicants ahead of me, but I was welcome to fill out an application and be placed on a waiting list. I went ahead an applied; however I didn’t hold my breath.”

Sometime later she was told that the applicants before her had been eliminated as potential new homes for Ava. She was now first on the list and that she and Chloe her lovely Golden that we did a portrait of last year, had passed their home check. “I was shocked! I would need to wait 1-3 months before she could come home due to the uncertainty of her medical condition. At this point amputation was still an option and Ava was fighting a nasty infection.”

Finally Marissa received an email that Ava was released from medical hold and she was free to pick her up and take her home, they asked how soon she could make the 600 mile journey from here in Denver.

Marissa also told us, “To my amazement, I was also notified that since she arrived at Best Friends, Ava’s story was being followed by the film crew for National Geographic Channels’ program “Dogtown” – stay tuned for her episode – scheduled to air this fall.”

So Ava has had quite a reversal of fortune, from being caught in a coyote trap to being the star of a television show and soon to be the subject of a Pop Art Pet portrait of her own!

To date Marissa has comissioned us to do five different custom pet portraits as gifts for friends and family, then finally one for herself of her Chloe, and we are currently working on yet another portrait for yet another gift for another friend for Marissa! Don’t you wish she was your friend too?!

We have some current clients who may love their pets nine times more than most.. They wanted to see the big, beautiful, Bonnie & Boomer, their massive Bull Mastiffs, in a very large NINE panel Pop Style portrait!

We were admittedly a little overwhelmed by the prospect of this project, but also pretty excited..

It took a while to get just the right collection of head shots of these two, fortunately these two are excellent models, and their parents are pretty good pet photographers. So finally this is the layout we began working with.

Mastiff artwork

Then, it took awhile for our artist to do our magic – nearly nine times longer than usual – but we were able to put together four proofs for them to choose from. Like this one..

Mastiff artwork

That’s like 36 color combinations, and the most panels we’ve ever done for one portrait. Whew, we need a nap now!

If you’re interested in a jumbo portrait of your pet or pets with 8 panels, 9 panels or maybe even 12, just contact us. We’re your source for super-sized, one of a kind, custom, Pop Style portraits created from your pet’s photos!

We do lots of portraits with two pets, but occasionally we are asked to do a portrait of a pet with their loyal person. It creates some special challenges for our artists, since skin comes out a lot different than fur with our techniques, but the results are always well-received.

Like this Traditional style portrait of black cat, Bagheera, and his lovely mother, created from her favorite photo of the two of them.

Or this whimsical, Pop style design of Roxy the kitty, and her faithful friend.

And this adorable Comic style creation shows Lily, the Rhodesian Ridgeback, with nothing on her mind but the apple of her eye.

Obviously all our clients love their pets with a passion, so its surprising that we don’t do more portraits of pets and people together. But hopefully this will generate some great gift ideas for those of you who have a loved one who loves their dog, or their cat, or their horse, or their hamster!

Just contact us with your ideas and requests.

..And obviously to a large extent ALL of our clients are pet lovers, however some stand out more than others. Or to put it another way, some are crazier than others – of course we mean that in the nicest way!

Case in point, we are currently working on four portraits of five pets for a client coincidentally named Cat. Cat certainly qualifies of one of our craziest, pet loving clients! She loves talking about her animals and even told us how she has had all of her beloved pets over the years cremated so she can keep their urns in her home. The plan is when Cat herself passes away, and she has left specific instructions to this effect, they will all be blended and buried together. Now that’s love!

In the meantime Cat has flattered us with the task of immortalizing Rebound & Pilgrim, two lovely cats, as well as Muckluck the Malamute.

This was Cat’s reaction when she received the first three portraits:
ONE HUNDRED PERCENT SATISFIED with all three pictures. My vacillation worked in my favor although you may still be getting over the jitters from my “That pic for sure, no this one, oh God I hate it, no this one, yes, definitely without-a-change-of-mind this one. Oops.”..
I saw the client proofs on your site and am convinced your latest effort for me is the best example of your excellence. :) No favoritism at all because they were my 4-legged children.

We are also working on a custom pet portrait for Cat of adorable Akita puppies, Zoey & Hachiko. It’s taking a little extra time because the original photo we had to work with required a lot of extra attention. Our artist has been diligently working to enhance the detail and capture their natural cuteness!

If someone you know is a crazy pet lover like Cat, please let them know where they can get a custom cat portrait or dog portrait created from their pet’s photos.. Pop Art Pet!

..Unless of course, the horse has been captured in a beautiful custom portrait! Then the horse becomes a one of a kind, work of art created from your photos. Did you know we also do portraits of horses? We have only had the pleasure of working with a few equines but they do make excellent subjects.

Dreamer got the whimsical, Warhol Style treatment.

Warhol style horse portraits

Orion looks awesome,  also in Pop Art, but in this single-panel layout.

horse portraits

While Justin looks just amazing in one of our Traditional Style portraits.

horse photos

All these custom pet portraits were created by our artists using some fantastic photos of these picturesque animals.

We love working with horses and hope to do more in the future. In the meantime, of course, we enjoy our work with dogs & cats – our bread & butter so to speak!

We have a client currently who ordered a traditional style cat portrait of the lovely Jezebel, Cat photosas a gift for her friend and neighbor. She went on to explain that Jezebel used to be her cat until Jezebel, all on her own, chose to go and live next door.

Now, we’ve heard a lot of interesting pet stories around here, but this one was intriguing so I asked for the details. Here they are in Jezebel’s first mom’s own words:

“I adopted Jezebel and her sister, Sissy, from a cat rescue about 18 or 19 years ago. They were the dearest little calico litter mates you’ve ever seen. They played, ate, slept together. They looked like bookends.

I’ve always had cats and love them more than anything. Shortly after getting Sissy and Jezebel, a friend moved in who had two older cats, litter mates, male Spud, and female Jordan. They all got along fine.

The next year, I adopted a black and white female and named her Scooter. That did it for Jezebel :-) Scooter was a little kitten with lots of energy–Jezebel was three years old and thought the house that belonged to her and Sissy, was now being made crazy by Scooter.

Gradually, Jezebel would start going to Nell and Joanne’s house next door. The frequency of those visits soon increased–she wanted to go over there every day. She’d wait on their porch. On the weekend, she’d cry to be let out at the beginning of the day and immediately run to their front door. They’d take her in faithfully, they loved her from the start.

They let her in, played with her, and then brought her home at the end of the day. This process repeated itself for several months. They felt guilty that Jezebel loved them more than she loved me. These women are two of my best friends, and I knew we had to trust Jezebel’s instinct, so we discussed a more permanent living arrangement. Jezebel moved in and never looked back–she visited me, but her heart was next door :-)

Jezebel is old now, close to 19. She spends most of her days in her heated bed next to the window. She could not be more loved, her Pop Art Pet picture will be treasured.”

Our artist, possibly inspired by Jezebel’s story, came up with some eye-catching new backgrounds for this custom calico creation.

custom cat portraits

Cat Art

It helped that we were given carte blanche and just asked to design something as dynamic as Jezebel herself… we were privileged to do so!

Recently we were asked to create a custom, Warhol style portrait of a lively Labradoodle named Rocky.

Labradoodle photos

As you can see, Rocky’s quite the rock star so the portrait had to be larger-than-life..

labradoodle portrait

At 36″x48″ the completed artwork certainly fit the bill (it is way bigger than Kylie)!

By the way, Rocky’s portrait was commissioned by a generous family friend as a housewarming gift… I sure hope Rocky’s new house has lots of wall space!

If you are interested in an extra large or custom size dog portrait or cat portrait just contact us for a quote.

Every chance we get, we try and remind our pet loving clients and friends to take lots of pictures of their pets. Currently we are working with an adorable threesome of Scotties whose parents shared with us that they have a tradition of taking photos of puppy’s first bath. What a great idea!

Scottie Portraits

scottie art

scottie photos

How cute are they?!

Even if you never feel the need to have a custom pet portrait created from your pets’ photos you will never be sorry to have lots of pictures of them; and starting a tradition is a great way to remember to take more!

Here’s another suggestion, every year on their birthday take their picture with the same toy; or take a picture of your furry kid in the exact same spot outside on a beautiful day in spring, summer, fall, and winter.

You can be creative, or keep it simple. You can make it something specific and meaningful to your family, or just to you and your best friend. Just take our advice, and take your pet’s picture please – often!


In this first week of the new year we have been fortunate to hear from several of our Christmas clients with warm stories of giving and receiving the dog portraits and cat portraits we created for them. Some of them were quite touching, so we wanted to share them here..

Custom chocolate lab portrait Palmer & Cooper

My husband absolutely LOVED the picture of the dogs….he was so surprised and impressed. He actually hung it on the wall that day! I will highly recommend you guys to my friends who come over and admire it. It turned out so cute!! Thanks for all of your hard work. It definitely paid off!


jack russell portraitsKatie


I am so happy to report that my parents loved their picture of Katie! It helped her memory to live on. It was particularly touching because this was our first Christmas without out beloved little dog. You all did a great job. Thank you.


original boxer artFrankie


It was just the BEST! My family is one of those crazy ones that everyone just tears in to the gifts. There are a bunch of us and a bunch of gifts and it can just get wild!
I was sitting next to my sister.. and it was about to kill me that the painting was in the back of her gift pile. She was merrily chatting and showing everyone what she was opening, then she finally got to it and opened the box. She squealed then got really quiet. When that happen everyone else just stopped and looked a her and tears were streaming down her face. She said, “Oh I saw this on the net and wanted it so badly….how did you know? This is the best gift EVER.” She elbowed her husband who was talking and didn’t really catch what was happening.
“Look at what [they] got for us, honey.” He looked over and said, “A boxer print. Oh that is so nice.” She punched him in the arm and said, “NO LOOK!”
He said, “Oh my goodness, That really IS Frankie. I can’t beleive it. How did they do that?” The he looked like he was going to cry. (I told him you had magical elves working for you….shhhh..don’t give me away!)
..Thank you so very much! I know we will be working together again!