Custom pet portraits from your photos. We can create custom pop art dog portraits of your pet, they make a great gift.

Custom Pet Portraits

While all of our artwork is custom, one-of-a-kind in fact, designed to your specifications; once in awhile a client has a very clever idea for something totally unique. We are always very happy to oblige and to experiment! Below are some of the results.

Graduated Tone
We had a special request for this gorgeous Golden Retriever, Roscoe. We used warm graduated tones to enhance yet retain the natural, hues of his family’s favorite picture of him.

Roscoes warhol inspired portrait

We know that just because they live together doesn’t mean they like each other! Or even if they do like each other, it’s hard enough to get one of them to sit still for five seconds.. forget trying to get them to pose together. Regardless, you love them both the same and want them both in the same portrait, so if needed we can work with two (or more) pictures of two pets to create one portrait.

kylie & dragen

More Panels
Our most popular portraits are our Warhol-esque, Pop Style designs in four panels, but if you want to go all out and you’ve got the wall-space, you can go crazy! Yes, we can do more than four panels of your pet… how ‘bout six or eight, heck make it twelve! Just let us know what you have in mind and we’ll work with you.

Bundys pop art dog portrait


Other Custom Creations
We have more galleries of custom pop art that we have created for our clients that might give you some great ideas. Click the images below to check them out and contact us with any questions.


Custom Album Art

Album Covers


The Filmstrip Custom Portraits

The Filmstrip

Custom Art from your photos



If you are interested in any kind of custom artwork from your photos, please contact us with your request and we will be happy to provide you with our perspective, possibly some pointers, and a price quote. If you have a really original idea you may even be the inspiration for a whole new product line for us.

More Examples

Custom Pet Portraits from your photos. We create wonderful gifts by creating pop art portraits from a photo of your puppy, dog, cat, bird, parrot or even ferret. Our artists at pop art pet will turn your photo to art and create custom pet portraits you will love.