Donation Requests

Thank you for considering for your charity or event. We try to accommodate as many requests as possible, but it has become necessary to institute some policies and procedures. Accordingly, we will be accepting only written donation requests. Generally, we consider organizations in the Denver-area and those whose mission it is to protect animals from abuse, neglect or homelessness, such as rescue organizations and no-kill shelters.

To be considered for donation, please submit the following items to Pop Art Pet, LLC.

  1. Written request.
  2. A description of your event to let us know how our donation will be used.
  3. Your organization’s mission statement.
  4. A copy of your organization’s 501c3 charter.

Please use the following guidelines when making submissions to Pop Art Pet,
(requests not following these guidelines may not be considered).

  1. Request must be submitted on organizational letterhead.
  2. Request must be received no later than eight weeks prior to your event.
  3. All items must be received before your request will be considered.

Again, thank you for your consideration. We at Pop Art Pet, LLC admire anyone volunteering their time and resources to support animals in need, and commend you for your efforts. We try, whenever possible, to align ourselves with organizations who share our values and mission. If you feel we are a good fit for your charity, please send the requested materials to the following address:

Pop Art Pet, LLC
12902 E Idaho Drive
Aurora, Co 80012

Please allow three weeks for response.