At popartpet, pop art pet portraits are our specialty.

cool animal art, portraits and gifts from pop art pet pets. Art for pet lovers and dog pop art portraits make great gifts. Custom dog art can make a wonderful memorial.

Portrait Galleries

Welcome to our portrait galleries showcasing the best of each style of our dog portraits and cat portraits. Here you can view more examples of what we can do with your pet's photos. Be sure and make note of those you especially like, because when you place your order we'll ask you for examples of your favorites.

Curious about the cost? It varies by size and style, but starts as low as $75. Click here to see a complete price list.

Cool Pop Art Quad Gallery Traditional Portraits Comic Styled Portraits

Pop Art
See several examples of our most popular style by far. Our Pop Art Gallery features dog portraits and cat portraits with vivid colors and wild backgrounds with that classic Warhol look, in single or multiple panels.

Pop Art Examples Page 1
Pop Art Examples Page 2
Pop Art Examples Page 3

Traditional Art
If you prefer the classics, please visit our Gallery of Traditional Art which retains the natural beauty of your pet but adds texture and style, and allows you to choose from a variety of traditional techniques.

Traditional Examples Page 1
Traditional Examples Page 2
Some Client Traditional Proofs

The Comics
Our Comic Gallery displays what some very clever clients have come up with to capture their pet's personality. Check it out to get some great ideas for your dog portrait or cat portrait and go really retro!

Comic Examples Page 1
Comic Examples Page 2
Some Client Comic Proofs

Cool Dog Art Gallery Zoom in on our custom portraits

Cat Portraits

Before & After
The only place on the website where you can see the original image before we work our magic. This gallery includes all styles of our dog portraits and cat portraits, please click thru to see your options and what we can do with your photos.
The best place on the entire site to see the attention to detail in our portraits. Just keep clicking to enlarge any area of the artwork to actual size, and see how much detail we retain and enhance in your dog portrait or cat portrait.
Cat Lovers Only
The majority of our clients are canines, but we love to work with cats as well! Please visit our gallery featuring fabulous felines in our Pop, Comic, and Traditional style cat portrait masterpieces.
Cool Custom Art Gallery Custom Filmstrip style

Custom Album Cover Art

Custom Art
Sometimes our clients have special requests or their own great idas. Our custom gallery includes some of these original designs and may give you a unique idea for your pet's portrait. Please contact us with the details of your inspiration.

The Filmstrip
"The Filmstrip" is a unique pet portrait layout that includes a special series of your pet's photos. This custom pet portrait allows you to capture a special day with your dog or perhaps a lifetime of moments shared with your cat.

Album Art
Our newest, most exciting artistic offering is our custom Album Cover Art featuring your pet. You send us a picture along with your song request and we'll make your pet look like a "Pop” Star in this unique dog portrait or cat portrait!
Pop art from your photos

Custom portraits

Pop Art People
Yes we do people too! Visit our sister site, Pop Art Go, where we can transform photos of your family & friends (or yourself) into a whimsical work of art. You have all the same options to suit your style, Pop Art, Comic, or Traditional, and our printed canvas gives you the look and feel of a painting at a fraction of the cost.

Pop Art "Stuff"
In addition to our custom cat portraits and dog portraits we can make almost anything into a Pop Art or Traditional Style work of art! Just send us your photos and your special requests and we can immortalize your memories or prized possessions.
Custom pet art portraits for that special pet in your life. Many styles to choose from, comic pop art, warhol type portraits, other forms of modern art or even subtle more traditional styles. Find the Pop Art Pet portrait that reflects your personality and let us create a masterpiece that you will appreciate for a lifetime.