Custom Pet portrait art and Comic styled pet pop art portraits from pop art pet.

Comic Style Portraits

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Inspired by the work of the quintessential pop artist, Roy Lichtenstein, your Comic Art style portrait can be customized to reveal your dog's or cat's true personality or what's really on their mind!

Fill their thought bubble with their favorite toy, their favorite snack, or a phrase; whatever you think their eyes are saying -it's your choice! We can include just about anything. If its a specific item, a friend, or even YOU that they dream of, you can give us a photo and we can do that too (or at least we'll try).

Before you complete your order, please keep in mind that we require very high-quality photos of your pet to create your Comic dog portrait or cat portrait . This is due to the amount of detail required for this art format. If you are unsure, we will work with you to find or take a suitable photo if needed. However, if you are limited in your photo choices and are not able to take more photos, we will be happy to suggest a more subtle style of art.

Pop Art Pet can also provide stretching for your Comic portrait! Stretching is a method of wrapping the canvas around stretcher bars that will display a sleek, frameless portrait, just like in a gallery. If you choose to have us stretch your portrait, you won't have to find framing service locally and wait days or weeks for it to be completed. You will be able to take it out of the box and hang it on the wall immediately. Our rates are very reasonable, and stretching will only add approximately a week to the processing time for your order.

If you do intend to have your dog portrait or cat portrait stretched, by Pop Art Pet or elsewhere, consider Gallery Borders. Gallery borders allow you to have color on the sides of your stretcher bars. If the design allows, we will extend the pattern of the background. If not, we will add a solid-colored border that will complement the background. The additional cost for stretching and for gallery borders depends on the size of portrait you order, and will be calculated automatically below if selected.

If you have any questions, before placing your order please consult our Frequently Asked Questions or contact us directly. Otherwise you can proceed with your order for a Comic Style portrait below.

Comic Style Pet Portraits
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Portrait Size
Gallery Borders see an example
Additional Pets - $30 ea
Laminate (sealant)
Canvas Stretching see an example US ONLY
Rush Order - $40  
Thought Bubble Idea

Once your order is placed, please send us two or three photos via e-mail, or upload them in .jpg, tif or png format. Or you can always put them in an envelope and send them the old fashioned way. (You will receive an e-mail with more detailed instructions on submitting your photos after your order is placed.) You can also read our photo tips sections for some pointers on the kind of pictures to submit.


Pop art pet creates Comic pop art styled portraits from a photo of your puppy, dog, cat, bird, parrot or even ferret. We can print your pets portrait on canvas, mousepads, greeting cards, apparel, and so much more. We specialize in the Roy Lichtenstein style of pop art, but we also design animal portraits to resemble an oil paintings, or watercolors. Animal portraits are a wonderful gift, the perfect memorial and we can design one from your pets photos. Our artists at pop art pet will create custom pet portraits you will love.