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Information about your proofs

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About Your Proofs:
We want to provide the best representation of your custom portrait, so we have provided multiple proofs based on your requests and specifications. The proofs provide a near accurate representation of how your printed portrait will appear. To see a the fine details of the portrait, hold your mouse pointer over each proof to view a magnified section of the design.

A Question of Color:
Keep in mind that there may be some minor variation in color between what you see on your screen and the printed version. This is largely due to the fact that the monitor is projecting the color using light, while the surface of the printed canvas will be absorbing light. Also, there are variations among monitors and their color calibrations, so there may be slight differences in colors from one computer monitor to the next. Overall, the difference between what you see here and what you get will be negligible.

What Happens Next?:
You should ponder your proofs, perhaps get a second opinion, or sleep on it. Then when you have decided which one you would like us to print, just reply with your selection and we'll proceed to the printing process.

If you are not totally satisfied at this point, we are happy to make some basic revisions, such as rearranging colors, etc., to one of these proofs. After you are provided with your revision, any further changes requested will lead to delays of up to three weeks in your portrait production, and will require additional artwork fees of $75/hour with a 1 hour minimum charge. Therefore, we do ask that you be as specific as possible when requesting revisions.