Dog art portraits and cat art from your photos pop art pet art warhol style

Welcome to the Pop Art Pet portrait gallery, where your pet is more than just a pretty face. Here we understand that your pet is a treasured family member and a work of art worthy of framing. Unfortunately you will never get him to sit still long enough to pose for a portrait, besides you're both too hip for an old fashioned oil painting. That's why Pop Art Pet offers a stylish, alternative art form that makes your pal the subject of a unique piece of contemporary art, created from just a few photos. This eye-catching artwork is the perfect gift for the pet obsessed, and an exciting way to immortalize your picture perfect pet.

Client Proofs

Use the pet names below to navigate through some of our client proofs. Or view a selection of proofs in your choice of our diverse pet portrait styles:
pop - traditional - comic
Abby H Cool Pug Portraits
Adolf Fun Rottie art
Angel Labrador Retriever art
Apple Fun Turtle art
Ariel P Boxer portraits
Arthur Miniature Dachshund portrait
Bagheera Custom cat portraits
Bailey H Cool Labrador Retriever portraits
Bailey T Cool Lhasa poo art
Bambino R
Bandit Boxer Portraits
Bentley, Katie & Chloe Dog portraits
Barney M Weiner dog art
Beatrice V Old English Bulldog art
Bing Bing Whimsical cat art
Bjorn Swedish Vallhund Art
Blondina & Bruna Creative Cocker Spaniel art
Blue B Siberian Husky Portraits and Gifts
Bob & Tek Cat and Dog Portraits
Bodi Unique Chocolate Lab art
Bogie T Fun Boxer art
Boom Boom Custom Cat Portrait
Bud Cute JRT Mix portraits
Buddy J Soft coated Wheaten portrait
Caine German Shepherd Portraits
Carmella & Tigger Cute Dog art
Cash Custom French Bulldog portraits
Callie Cute cat art
Cassidy Fun Hound Dog art
Charlie C Boston Terrier Art
Chelsea Mixed breed Warhol inspired gifts
Chico, Mikey & Peanut Custom pet portraits
Chloe B Bouvier des Flandres art
Chloe K Unique Golden Retriever art
Christopher the Ourangatan
Chuck & Phoebe Fun Labrador portraits
Clyde Warhol inspired cat art
Coco Chanel Original Papillon art
Coco Y Fun Shitzu art
Colby Airedale triptych portrait
Cooper & Palmer Chocolate Lab art
Dakota Yellow Lab art
Dale & Ruby Fun budgie art
Dexter Fanciful Boxer portraits
Diche Fun Mutt art
Duncan Custom Yorkshire Terrier portraits, yorkie pop art
Dusty Whimsical Dog Lover gifts
Edgar Labrador Retriever portraits
Elton Fun and fanciful dog art
Emma, Maize & Nemo Cool dog art
Erma Cute Boxer art
Eve Fanciful Boxer art
Fern Whimsical Boston Terrier Art
Fiona V Cool English Bulldog portraits
Foxy Lady 1 Rat Terrier custom portrait
Foxy Lady 2 Custom Rat Terrier portraits
Frankie S Boxer mix portraits and gifts
Fritza Dutch Shepherd custom portrait
George G Yellow Lab Retriever artwork and gifts
Ginger, Peaches, Sandee & Sunny
Gretchen Cat portraiture
Grover Cool Weiner Dog art
Gucci Pop art Miniature Pinscher portrait
Gus I Golden Retriever art and gifts
Hachiko & Zoey Akita art portraits
Hank M Weiner dog art
Harlie & Davis Fun Viszla gits
Henry R Hedgehog art
Hildy Kitten custom portraits
Hogan & Palmer Fun Hungarian Vizsla art
Holly I Cool Bearded Collie Art
Hupi Fun Dog art
Jack Custom Great Dane artwork
Jack & Maverick Warhol inspired cat art
Jazz T Cool Boxer portraits
Jezebel Fun Cat art
John C Custom pop art portraits
John Paul & Indy Pop art from your Beagle photos
Josie Original Bulldog art
Julio Fun Indian Ring necked Parakeet portrait
Junior Saimese Cat art
Katty fun Kitty art
Kizzie Cute Shih Tzu art
Koa Unique dog portraits
Lance & Jeff Art from your photos
Leon Fun dog art
Lexi A1 Black Labportraits
Lexi A2 Labrador Retrieverartwork
Lilly Fun cat art
Little Man Chihuahua portraits
Lola D Custom Boxer portraits
Londyn Golden Doodle portrait
Louie Whimsical Pug art and gifts
Louise Unique Beagle portraits
Luca Fun Husky portraits
Lucky C Labrador Retriever portraits
Lucky L Rat Terrierk portraits
Lucy & Artie Creative Jack Russell Terrier art
Lucy S Yellow Lab art
Mack Labradoodle portraits
Maggie & Lizzie Warhol styled Basset Hound art
Maggie & Rory Fanciful Wheaton Terrier art
Mandy M Labrador Retriever Custom Portrait
Mark Cool Custom Cockatoo art
Marley Rhodesian Ridgeback Portrait
Marley & Porter Fun Dog gifts
Marty Yorkie art
Mason Golden Retriever art
Max Warhol style Basset Hound portrait
Max T Austrailian Cattle Dog Art
Max T2 Classic German Shepherd art
Maxie Pop Art style Chinese Pug portrait
Meg B Lab art
Mesa T Whimsical Boxer gifts
Mikelo Custom Himalayan Cat portrait art
Mojo Dog portraits from Pop Art Pet
Molini Fanciful cat portraits and Gifts
Mollie Chihuahua groovy artwork
Mona L Fun Cat art
Muckluck Cool Alaskan Malamute gifts
Oliver O Cool Newfie gifts
Owen 2 Whimsical English Bulldog portrait
Otto Adoreable Boxer dog art
Payton R Yellow Lab portraits
Penny G Akita art and gifts
Pete Cool Boxer Art
Petey Cute Chihuahua portraits
Pi Unique cat art
Posie Custom Chinese Pug portraits
Pudge Fun Pug art
Quieta Cool Australian Cattle Dog art
Quincy H Fun Labradoodle art
Rambo D Custom Yorkeranian Portraits and Gifts
Raven Painterly dog art
Rio T Pomeranian Art
Rocky K Fun Labradoodle portrait
Roko T Unique Boxer pop portraits
Romeo A African Grey pop art
Roscoe M Chesapeake Bay Retriever pop portrait
Ruby M Fun Poodle art
Sadie H Whimsical Golden Retriever art
Sam Z Original Rottweiler portraits
Samantha Fanciful Chocolate Lab art
Sara Boxer portraits
Scooter Golden Retriever Art
Scout Golden Retriever art
Sebastien Cool Cat portraits
Sedona T Custom Boxer portraits
Senta German Shepherd Art
Shorty Min Pin portraits
Sid American Bulldog portrait
Skyler Custom Labrador Retriever art
Sonoma Cool dog portraits
Sophia R
Sophie B Whimsical English Bulldog art
Sophie J Adoreable Pug art
Sophie L Whimsical Cockapoo gifts
Sophie O Funky Chocolate Labrador art
Sophie V Whimsical English Bulldog portrait
Squeaker Cool Senegal Parrot art
Sumo Fun Shiba Inu portraits
Timmons Custom Art Prints
TK Custom Yorkishire Terrier art
Trixie T Fun cat pop art
Truman Lab Mix portraits
Tucker Fanciful Bsenji art
Tucker M Chesapeake Bay Retriever custom art
Tucker W Chesapeake Bay Retriever portraits
Tump Custom Himalayan cat pop art
Twix & Snickers warhol inspired shitzu art
Uh Oh! Cat pop portrait
Vegas & Kali Unique dog portraits
Winchester Whimsical Cat art
Winifred Shar pei artwork
Winston F Custom Dog Portraits
Zeus S Rhodesian Ridgeback portraits
Zoe N Havanese pop art portrait
Zoey H Fanciful Schnoodle portraits
Zuzu Cool Doxie art
More Proofs
Custom Dog and Cat portraits inspired by Andy Warhol and Roy Liechtenstein. Our artists at pop art pet will turn your photo to art and create dog and cat portraits you will love.