Custom dog portraits and cat portraits


Here are just a few kind words from former clients, now friends, about their personal Pop Art Pet portraits. You may also notice client comments at the top of many of our proof pages.

Tristan & Guinevere
"I am so happy with your rendition of our "kids," Tristan and Guinevere. The canvas was a perfect surprise for my husband - it captured their energy and spirit perfectly and will for years to come. Thank you so much for your artistic suggestions as well as the quick turnaround time you provided. I would highly recommend you to all of our friends looking for a unique gift and hope to have you do our cat someday as well."

Maggie May
"The portrait of Maggie was a gift from me to my husband and two (grown)children so, I was taking a bit of a risk wondering if they would like it. You may remember, our wonderful dog had just recently died and while I wanted a picture of her for my family, I didn't want a traditional/formal portrait that may cause further sadness. Your Pop Art portrait turned out to be a wonderful answer - a fun art piece of a dog, that we know is our girl and rather than sadness, it invokes feelings of great memories of a fun and loyal dog. So, how did they respond? - they loved it, they loved the Andy Warhol-ish theme. It caught them totally off-guard and were pleasantly surprised, at the end of the day it was decided to be "by far, the best gift". Thanks again for all your help!"

Wyatt and Lawyer


Wyatt & Lawyer
"Absolutely are awesome...already took it to framers...thank you so much!"



Chole the Golden Retriever"Hello my friends at PopArtPet! You are truly talented and have a knack for illustrating the joy of sharing ones life with a pet in a unique manner. I genuinely appreciate your time, effort, professionalism, patience, heart-felt understanding and artistic abilities in creating my pet portrait. As you may suspect by now, Chloe is my ray of light. She has honestly changed my outlook on life and perspective of the world. You were able to capture this in the work of art that you created.. Thank you so much!"



"AWESOME! I just got my portrait! Mooch looks Amazing! Thank you for the time and attention you put into my project. I have never been so excited about giving a gift, I know my husband is going to love it"



"Cosmo was the center of our animal kingdom and his unexpected loss to cancer was devastating to us. Working with was a way to honor Cosmo's importance in our lives. [Your] talented staff worked patiently with us on color and shading, to achieve just the right tone. The result was beyond our expectation. With multiple images of Cosmo gazing down on us now from above the fireplace, we keep the spirit of our animal companion alive in our home and our hearts."

"I had a feeling the portrait was going to turn out great - my cat's pretty photogenic, and all four proofs submitted for my review looked terrific. The finished portrait was so neat I couldn't wait for my husband's birthday so I gave it to him a month early - and he loves it as much as I do! I will definitely be using Pop Art Pet again, I have a couple of doggies that are feeling left out! Thanks for the terrific work."

Shadow the Chocolate Lab


"You have done it again! Another great Pop Art portrait to add to my family's growing collection. As always, well done and thank you!!"


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