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Traditional Art Portraits

Traditional pet portraits View a selection of client proofs created in our Traditional Style by clicking on the names listed below.
These are our more subtle works of art for those who prefer something a little less colorful & crazy, but just as dramatic. Our Traditional Style dog portraits and cat portraits are less trendy and more painterly, but still allow you to request colors, textures, and backgrounds that suit your pet's personality. Traditional Style portraits also make wonderful memorial pet portraits. If you have questions about any of our dog portraits, cat portraits, or our custom work please contact us. You can also learn more about our creative process on our FAQ page.

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Ben Custom Series - mixed breed
Brie - Rottweiler Rottweiler custom portrait
Bud and Brandy - Golden Retrievers Whimsical Golden Retriever Art
Buddy J - Soft Coated Wheaten Wheaten Terrier portrait
Cotti - Yorkshire Terrier Custom Yorkie Art
D'Artagnan - Pomeranian Unique Pomeranian art portrait
Elliott - West Highland White West Highland White Terrier Art
Fritza - Dutch Shepherd
Dutch Shepherd custom portrait
Georgia - Border Collie Original Border Collie portrait
Goofy - Basset Hound Fun Basset Hound art
Gunner C - Mastiff Traditional English Mastiff portrait
Huckleberry - Viszla Custom Viszla art
JJ - Pomeranian Whimsical Pomeranian portrait
Jake - Chocolate Labrador Chocolate Labrador Retriever art portrait
Joey - Springer Spaniel Custom elegant spaniel portrait
Johnson - mixed breed Wonderful dog art
Katie - Boston Terrier Boston Terrier unique artwork
Kokanee - Black Labrador Labrador Retriever unique artwork
Kona - Chocolate Labrador Fun Lab art
Lola - Boxer Unique Boxer artwork

Logan - child Custom artwork of your child
Londyn - Golden Doodle Whimsical Golden Doodle art
Maggie M - Springer Spaniel Springer Spaniel custom portrait
Mica Jane - Golden Retriever Custom Golden Retriever Art
Mokihana - mixed breed Mixed breed art portrait
Molly & Maggie - Yorkie and Westie Yorkshire Terrier and West Highland White
Mookie & Buster - Keeshonds Keeshond commissioned art
Nigel - Boxer Whimsical Boxer portrait
Payton - Pomeranian Fun Pomeranian portrait
Peyton - Chinese Pug Unique Chinese Pug art
Polly W - Schnauzer Cute Schnauzer portrait
Raven - Mixed Breed Fun Mutt art
Rogue & Rudder - Mixed Breeds Custom Mixed Breed Portraits
Rusty H - Beagle Fun Beagle Art
Sassi - Mixed Breed Custom Mutt Art
Tank - Pit Bull Pit Bull original artwork
Tugsy & Ruby - English Bulldogs Whimsical English Bulldog portraits
Wally - English Mastiff English Mastiff memorial portrait
Winston - Terrier mix Terrier memorial portrait
Wylie - mixed breed Dog memorial art
Zippy - Rabbit Adorable Rabbit portrait