Around here we are huge believers that a healthy diet is the key to your pet’s overall health and long life – and nothing is more important around here than Kylie’s health and long life! That’s why we were very happy a couple of years ago when we found “The Honest Kitchen” pet food. It’s an all-natural, dehydrated, raw food made with human grade ingredients. Kylie loves it, she even wrote about it in her blog! I can’t tell you what a relief it was during the pet food recall crisis last year to have the peace of mind of knowing we didn’t have to worry. We recommend it to all our pet parent friends.

So we were very happy to find this article on which furthered our positive feelings about The Honest Kitchen:

For the folks at The Honest Kitchen, quality control means tasting your own product – even though it’s marketed for the four-legged crowd.

The company’s employees attend weekly meetings – often with their dogs poised by their sides – where both humans and animals carefully taste both individual dehydrated bits of the organic dog and cat food mixture, as well as the final product, to make sure the pets are getting nothing but the best.

The company got the OK from the FDA to use the term “Human grade pet food” on all of its labels. According to a rep from the company, the food is “probably a little bland by most human standards,” but compared to what they imagine ordinary pet food to taste like, “really quite delicious!” (That answers the next obvious question: do the testers taste their competitors’ food, too?)

Even the packaging is appealing and atypical for animal food – multicolored boxes with enticing names like “verve,” “force,” and “embark” that aren’t a far reach from the packaged granola available for humans. They also make treats and supplements.

Yes, it sounds a bit odd at first, but after the recent horrific incidents of dogs becoming ill from tainted dog food, it’s nice that a company takes this much care in producing a quality, safe product for their best buds.

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