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The effervescent and unforgettable Kylie was the inspiration for the formation Pop Art Pet; as such she has been the subject of multiple portraits that will forever grace our walls. So she provides the perfect example of all three of our styles of custom pet portraits.

Pop Art – Still the most popular style among our clients, especially the quintessential Warhol-style, four-panel. But for Kylie we opted for the larger-than-life single panel!

Comic – The best option for displaying your pet’s personality in vivid detail. For capturing Kylie’s craziness there was only one option, her arch nemises, Pinky! That crazed look in her eye is how she looked whenever she contemplated un-stuffing her favorite/most hated toy.

Traditional – Over the years, its possible that the soft subtle styles of our traditional pet portraits have become our favorite. They just turn out so beautiful, and of course Kylie’s artwork is no exception if we may say so. We have done both a favorite photo of Kylie enjoying a great day, and a close-up of her cute face. And the latter we decided to have framed instead of stretching for a different look.

kylietrad1 kylietrad2

Ultimately, deciding which style of art is best for your pet’s portrait comes down to your individual artistic taste, but we feel we have something to appeal to everyone and to capture the personality of every pet.

PS: If your pet has enough personality for three different portrait styles, we’d be happy to offer you a bulk discount!

Snowed in?? Why not take the opportunity to take pictures of your pet?

We often work with clients who are disappointed and surprised when they realize how few pictures they have of their pets.   And with the weather being so crazy this winter you’ve probably found yourself stuck at home on more than one blustery day…  so why not grab the camera (the actual camera, not the one on your cell phone) and have some fun harassing the animals!

Whether your dog loves the snow, and you can get some great action shots; or your cats or dog (or you) are not a big fan of the white stuff – just keep snapping and you’re sure to get some cute and comical shots!

You may never decide to have a pet portrait made from your photos, but you can still never have too many pictures of those crazy critters living in your house!

And here’s a tip, in the house or even out in the bright white snow.. use the flash!


You know what’s great about our job?? Our clients send us the cutest pictures! [Just check out this collection of some of our Super Cute Clients on our Facebook page.] Yes, obviously we get to see lots of adorable photos of dogs and cats, and the occasional guinea pig; we evaluate them for their suitability to create the best possible pet portrait, because as we tell our clients, “the better the picture we start with, the better the portrait!”

But as we mentioned in the previous post, we do more than pet portraits around here.. sometimes we do custom portraits using people’s vacation photos, or pictures of their favorite things. And yes of course sometimes we work with photos from the family album.

custom8 example3 people_portrait


So again, remember to Think Art!.. it not only makes a great gift, it brightens up your walls and keeps your memories alive!



If you follow our Facebook page, you may have noticed our recent fun home art project, these mini Pop Art canvases..

We created these for a redecorating project in the basement – perhaps we’ll tell you more about that later.

It turns out these custom portraits inspired a friend of ours who was in search of gifts for a couple of friends who have had new baby girls. She didn’t want to give the usual baby loot; blankies, stuffed animals, things that are outgrown and forgotten in a few months. So she decided she wanted to give the gift of art! Art is unique and can be personalized, as a gift it is incredibly thoughtful and leaves an impression on the recipient.

Our friend chose a quote she had seen, its origin is apparently unknown, “Let her sleep; for when she wakes she will move mountains,” then with a little guidance from our resident artist she created her own designs and color palette to make it a truly special piece for each family. We assisted by printing the finished images on canvas and stretching them, and as you can see, the results were adorable.




These are one of a kind gifts that the new parents will love to hang in the nursery, and they will be suitable on their daughters’ wall for years to come. And you can bet they will never forget who gave them these original pieces of art.

So next time you have a gift to give, think art! Of course, a custom pet portrait is a great idea for the dog lover or cat lover in your life. But look around.. you never know where you might find a little inspiration!

Lucy and Kandu, both born with no front legs have not only learned to thrive, they’ve become therapy dogs, bringing their ‘can do’ attitude to inspire patients in need!

According to the calendar we’re only a few days into summer but here we’ve already had triple digit temperatures! It looks like its going to be a long, hot season which can be especially taxing on your pet. has an easy, affordable way to help keep your dog cool outside that they will love!:

Keep your canine friends cool this summer by making an ice lick that will your dog’s interest by freezing chew toys inside a bucket filled with a mix of water and chicken broth.

Pet lifestyle weblog Cold Noses Chronicle shares this great tip for beating the heat. You can make the ice lick just using water but adding a can of chicken broth in the mix will make it taste better and the salt will help keep fido hydrated. The chew toys will give him or her another point of interest and the author also recommends adding a carrot or two.



The Big Game is only a week away – that’s right its time for Puppy Bowl VIII! (What?.. You were thinking of some other “Big Game?”)

If you visit you can get all the pre-game stats you need and view the entire starting line up. You can pick your favorites and get prepared for the Piggy Pep Squad, newly added this year, and of course the Kitty half-time show. Also, they’ve added some “Hall of Fame” footage from Puppy Bowls past.

So stock the fridge and plan your Puppy Bowl Party. We’re talking about hours of romping, rolling, tail-chasing, fun! What could be more Super than that? (And don’t worry, it starts early so you don’t have to miss a minute of that other game.)

Periodically we like to remind people that we don’t only do pets in that popular Pop Art style, and since lately we’ve done a lot of Pop Art “stuff” portraits lately in addition to our custom pet portraits, it seems like a good time .

Recently, we were commissioned to created a very unique birthday present for the fabulous Nan! And in addition to the unveiling of  her portrait at the birthday party, each guest received a special party favor.. a magnet featuring Nan’s custom Pop Art created from her photo.



Reportedly, a good time was had by all, and Nan’s very own Warhol-style portrait looks awesome on the wall! [Click here to check out our Pop Art People site]

And now we’re working on some very large scale wall art created from our client’s own personal photography. The finished dimensions of this landscape will be 36″x60″!

What a great way to decorate your home – with YOUR photos!

And coming soon, we’ll be working on some Pop Art of a hot car that looks something like this..

This isn’t the photo we’re going to work with, our client is still looking for the perfect picture.

So next time you’re in search of a truly unique gift, or want to redecorate your living space to make it truly you, be sure to get in touch and see what we can do for you!

Saw this on Discovery and had to share…
Ducklings following in a line behind a mother duck is enough to turn heads and elicit a few “awwws.” But ducklings following a dog? Now that’s worthy of Animal Planet’s Wall of Fame where this photo first appeared.

While it might look like a strange friendship between two species, this adorable, multi-animal, fluffy overload is actually the byproduct of thousands of years of avian evolution.


Click here to read the rest of the article for an explanation of how the Ducklings “imprinted” on the corgi..

And if you found this story because you’re a big fan of Corgis check out some of our cute Corgi artwork!

Did you know that we can apply our unique breed of art to things other than your pets? It’s true! We have an eclectic collection of other “stuff” which we have Popped, for lack of a better term.

Here’s a few things a favorite customer submitted recently for our artistic technique to be applied.

We think this qualifies as what they call, Found Art, photos of everyday objects, beads or even rocks, from a different perspective. Then to make it more interesting, we come in..  and  voila! Art!

Wanna see some of the other simple subjects we’ve already turned into  objets d’art? Check out the Pop Art Stuff section in our Custom Art Galleries for everything from cars, to calliopes, to ordinary vacation photos turned awesome!

It could give you some great ideas for a gift for a collector or for updating your own decor with something a little more personal than what you mind find at the mall.

Interested? These are all considered custom works for us so you can’t just order on the site, but please get in touch.. we’d love to see your project ideas!