Did you know that we do people portraits too? We have a whole other site for “Art that is Uniquely You,” it’s popartgo.com! We work from your favorite photos of yourself, or your family, or your friends, to make you famous for more than fifteen minutes.

We recently did a portrait for the lovely Tara & her boyfriend Raphael. Tara, author, PR pro, and host of When Tara Met Blog, told us about meeting Raphael a year ago on a NYC subway platform, and how their whirlwind relationship had since brought her from being a single girl in the city to being condo owners together on the opposite coast in Los Angeles. The photo she submitted was taken at a wedding they attended in Mexico and was special because she felt it truly emphasized the fun and impulsive side of their relationship.


So there was much communication to make sure we knew what Tara had in mind and to make sure this was going to be a piece they would be proud to put in their first home together. This was the end result…

pop art from photos

Tara & Raphael were both very happy with it, it was the first thing they hung on the wall! You can read more about it on Tara’s personal blog, tarametblog.com, and you can see all the proofs we designed for Tara too, if you click here.

Speaking of blogs.. we also were recently included in a very cool post called, “Cool Stuff: Pop Art Pet Portraits.” It is on More Ways To Waste Time, a blog by freelance writer, editor, and self-proclaimed “home-design junkie,” Leah Hennen. She’s got a great eye for the fun & functional, and shares her discoveries and her unique perspective on making a house a home! Be sure and check it out!


One Response to “Pop Art Bloggers”

  • Tara says:

    Nicely written and thanks again for the great job. I look at the portrait all the time in our new place and it makes me smile. Very happy with the whole experience.