Lately, it’s been like “Old Macdonald’s Farm” around here! In the same week we started working on a custom portrait of a lovely little filly named Zoey, we got an order for King Louis, II, a GOAT!!

Because he is our very first goat we just had to ask Ashley, our client, the back story. Apparently King Louis, II is the love of her little girl’s life and the portrait is a Christmas gift for her. Here’s the whole story in Ashley’s own words:

“At 5, [my daughter] sat on Santa’s lap at the mall and asked for a goat–said that was all she wanted. This was the first I had heard of this, and I had already purchased numerous toys to put out by the tree. So what does any good mother do? Find a way to get her a goat! Called around town, found a goat, and purchased it. We kept him in a nearby barn until Christmas morning. After my daughter awoke, she went screaming through the house, woke us up and said she heard a baby crying outside. There he was, in all his perfect white splendor…King Louis the I she called him. I have never seen a child so smitten. After falling in love with him…and I mean the entire family, Louis passed away on New Year’s eve. No one is sure what actually was wrong with him, and my daughter’s heart was broken. I didn’t know how to explain death to a 5 year old, and I didn’t want too.

Some of the towns people from our church heard about what happened and were devastated for her. We had a couple that called and offered a baby goat to us but said that he wasn’t quite ready to leave his mother. So again, what does any good mother do? We took the mama goat Lucy and her baby (now King Louis the II) into our home and introduced them to the rest of the family–including the stray cat (Tiger) that came up after Hurricane Katrina, our two yellow labs–Belle and Moose, the animal I rescued from a shelter named Copper, and our little diva long-haired dachshund named Dolce. Boy, did we have our hands full.

King Louis the II survived. Lucy went back to her original owners. And my daughter feels that she is the luckiest little girl in the world! Louis has been taught how to slide down her slide–standing up. Then she hides with a cup of corn, shakes it and Louis comes looking for her (their version of hide-n-seek), and he climbs the rock climber on the side of her swing set and sits in the clubhouse while she puts bonnets on his head and pretends to play house. Did I mention that he packs with our labs? We are thinking of getting him a partner because lately Louis has been having an identity crises and believes he’s a dog, too!

King Louis is very pampered. He has his on mini-barn, tons of hay, is spoiled to protein and corn—so he doesn’t graze like normal goats as much. He gets a bath and smell good animal perfume, which he hates. We let him out on the rest of the farm every weekend when we are at home and can keep an eye on him. We don’t want him to eat something poisonous (he doesn’t have “meadow smarts”). Louis still doesn’t understand the single file line thing that the other goats do, but has tons of female and male goat friends. But at the end of the day, he will cry to be back with our daughter and our labs.

Our daughter is an only child, and I am very lucky to have her. King Louis the II is more than a best friend, he is a family member–the second child of sorts, that I could never have.”

We are flattered to have been able to capture Louis’ spirit in the vivid, Pop Art Portrait!

Coming soon.. the story of Pedro – our first Pop Art “burro.”

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