Recently within a couple of days we got an order for a Pop Art portrait of a horse, then a goat; and then when we got an order for Pedro the burro we thought maybe we should start a new business..! Then when we got photos of Pedro we got an even bigger surprise – Pedro isn’t an actual, real, live burro, he’s a little burro figurine!

He also happens to be a mascot of sorts for a couple of best friends, and he even has his own MySpace page!

Sherry, our client, was almost embarrassed about ordering a portrait of an inanimate object but we were intrigued, we had to know the story. So here is Pedro the burro’s story according to Sherry:

I am originally from Detroit, I moved to Leadville, CO in November 2006 to buy and run a bed and breakfast. I am from the big city, the concrete jungle as I call it and moving here was a big culture shock but definitely one of my better decisions. I love it here and I’m always writing and calling home to tell people how different (weird) things are up here at 10,000′. One day last summer I called my best friend (Jill) and told her that there was a guy walking down main street with a burro on a leash, just like a dog. I was cracking up because it was so odd, but so normal for Leadville. Jill said, what the hell is a burro? Which led to a discussion and her googling the word burro. Well I figured that since she had never seen one and didn’t know what one was, I needed to get her one. So I found Pedro in one of the shops in town. Jill came to visit at thanksgiving and before she left I hid (stuffed) him in her luggage. I didn’t hear anything for weeks and I thought surely she had unpacked her suitcase and found him. Alas, my question was answered when I got him back in my Christmas present with his own passport. Well now the game was on. Pedro has had many adventures this year, he went car shopping to find a car to drive to Mexico and protest the making of burro-itos, which he thinks is a conspiracy to make burros extinct. This spring he traveled back to Michigan and visited all his friends and hid out in a closet. Then he found his way back to Leadville this summer.
The portrait I ordered from you is a combination 30th birthday present and house warming present for Jill. She just bought her first house. I figured a picture of her favorite ass was absolutely appropriate for the occasion.


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