We are obviously animal friendly around here but did you know we try to be earth friendly too? We have started a new single stream recycling program for our home and office but our biggest challenge is being environmentally conscious when shipping our portraits. Obviously they are fragile and need to be handled and packaged with care, and we need to use very specifically sized boxes so we have to purchase them new.  And most other packing materials are not recycle-able and not even bio-degradable. So for these items we do the next best thing, a little real world recycling… We obtain our packing materials through craigslist and freecycle.com.

Fortunately more and more people are becoming aware of craigslist and freecycle and are using them to keep things out of landfills. Especially after moving, lots of people will post that they have boxes and other packing materials for free to anybody who wants them. We have acquired bags & bags of bubble wrap, packing peanuts, and paper to fill our boxes and securely ship our one of a kind portraits to our clients. So if you order a custom pet portrait of  your own you may find the package filled with some paper and some plastic pillows, or some other combination of nice cushy materials keeping your masterpiece protected.

Whenever possible we will REuse a box too, so if we happen to get a conveniently sized shipment from amazon, your portrait may arrive with a familiar smiley face on the box! And it definitely will arrive with a sticker reminding you to please Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle what we’ve sent to you.

Just doing our little part for the planet and hoping you will too! So remember next time you need to pack or ship something check your local craigslist or sign up with freecycle.com!

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