There’s no question that microchip technology for pets was an amazing advancement in helping to recover lost animals and get them home. But there are some drawbacks. For example, it will only be of help if your missing dog or cat ends up in a shelter or a vet’s office where they will have access to a scanner. And even then there are multiple manufacturers of chips and scanners so not all scanners work on all chips. Plus there have been some medical reports of tumors forming at the injection site for the chip.

Did you know that now there’s a new concept in lost pet tracking that avoids these issues and guarantees they can help you find your lost pet in six hours? Smart Tags is a network that works for you when your dog or cat goes missing notifying area shelters and vets and shelters, and providing a central contact point for anyone who locates your pet.

You just set up an online profile with your pet’s description, medical requirements, photos, and of course all your contact information. Then as soon as you report your pet missing they spring into action and provide an instant search party!

All your pet needs to do is wear their rather attractive tag – in your choice of style. Or better yet, order the one with Best Friends Animal Society logo on it and they receive a donation of 25% of the proceeds.

Check it out, there’s a great informational video on their site. And keep in mind 90% of lost pets that are returned home are wearing a tag!

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