Since it’s obvious that most people like to wait until the very last minute to do their Christmas shopping (Btw, if you procrastinators are still wondering about a custom pet portrait check our Holiday Ordering page – if we can help you we will!), we thought it might be helpful to know when specifically the last minute is to do your shipping!

Did you know its varies a lot between the major shippers? The dates below were posted by Gizmodo:


Ye Olde US Postal service has a handy list of deadlines to ensure your extremely considerate and

reasonably priced gifts reach their recipients by Christmas Day:

First Class Mail: Dec 20
Priority Mail: Dec 21
Express Mail: Dec 22
Parcel Post: Dec 15

So if you’re extremely tardy (or forgot about a poor neglected aunt), you’ll have up until the 23rd to save face.


FedEx Express packages can be handed off up until the 23rd, giving you some super radical proscratination, should you need it.

FedEx Ground or Home deliveries, however, will need to be turned in by the 17th (or 13th, if you’re shipping to or from Hawaii or Alaska)

From FedEx’s own “Last Day to Ship” chart, however, it does appear that there’s a hail mary, same-day shipping option for the 25th. But that better be the greatest gift of all time, or the antidote to some flesh-eating bacteria, to justify what we imagine is a pretty steep shipping fee there.


If you want your box of cheer to arrive by the Big Day via UPS, you’ll have up until the 23rd to use next day air.

Merry Shipping!

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