It’s just been in the last few years that its become commonplace for Firefighters to administer CPR to dogs and cats and to carry oxygen masks made to fit their little faces. This was pretty wonderful already, but now it seems these life-saving efforts are beginning to be extended to even smaller furry family members!

According to MailOnline Firefighters in Ashland County, Oregon were trained last week in CPR for small animals and were issued oxygen masks in three different sizes for small animals.

“Fire and Rescue division chief Greg Case said : ‘The purpose is to rescue pets that have been involved in fire so we can help the whole family.’

The masks were donated by the charitable Project Breathe which aims to save the lives of pets caught in fires.

Smaller animals such as pet birds and lizards can be placed inside the masks, while the devices can be fitted over the nose or beak of larger animals.

Veterinarian Dr. Alice Sievers, who led the training, said the masks were designed to be hooked up to a standard oxygen tank, just like human ones.”

This video, also provided in the article, actually shows a dog trainer giving resuscitation and reviving a four-year-old boxer.


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