Snowed in?? Why not take the opportunity to take pictures of your pet?

We often work with clients who are disappointed and surprised when they realize how few pictures they have of their pets.   And with the weather being so crazy this winter you’ve probably found yourself stuck at home on more than one blustery day…  so why not grab the camera (the actual camera, not the one on your cell phone) and have some fun harassing the animals!

Whether your dog loves the snow, and you can get some great action shots; or your cats or dog (or you) are not a big fan of the white stuff – just keep snapping and you’re sure to get some cute and comical shots!

You may never decide to have a pet portrait made from your photos, but you can still never have too many pictures of those crazy critters living in your house!

And here’s a tip, in the house or even out in the bright white snow.. use the flash!


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