Did you know that we can apply our unique breed of art to things other than your pets? It’s true! We have an eclectic collection of other “stuff” which we have Popped, for lack of a better term.

Here’s a few things a favorite customer submitted recently for our artistic technique to be applied.

We think this qualifies as what they call, Found Art, photos of everyday objects, beads or even rocks, from a different perspective. Then to make it more interesting, we come in..  and  voila! Art!

Wanna see some of the other simple subjects we’ve already turned into  objets d’art? Check out the Pop Art Stuff section in our Custom Art Galleries for everything from cars, to calliopes, to ordinary vacation photos turned awesome!

It could give you some great ideas for a gift for a collector or for updating your own decor with something a little more personal than what you mind find at the mall.

Interested? These are all considered custom works for us so you can’t just order on the site, but please get in touch.. we’d love to see your project ideas!

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