Gallery Borders on your Giclée Print

Gallery Borders
The pictures on this page demonstrate what a stretched portrait looks like with and without gallery borders.

Gallery Borders are typically recommended for our clients planning to have their portrait stretched, or wrapped on stretcher bars, rather than flat-mounted and framed behind glass. They provide a colored border (adding inches to the total printed size of your portrait), so that when wrapped the edges of your portrait will have color rather than bare canvas.

If the portrait design allows, we will extend the pattern of the background onto the borders. If not, we will add a solid-colored border that will complement the color of the background.
If you choose to have gallery borders added to your portrait, it is very important to explain to your framer that they need to bring the bars in from the edge of the print, to the actual edge of the image, leaving the color visible on the outer edges as shown in the picture. Our signature will appear in the bottom corner of the image which should provide a guide for the framer.

Stretcher Bars




A stretched portrait on ¾ inch standard stretcher bars without gallery borders
Stretcher Bars




A stretched portrait on 1½ inch premium stretcher bars with gallery borders