Multi paneled custom pop art portraits dog art from your photos

Pop Art Style Portraits

Pop Art  View a selection of our client proofs done in our signature Pop Art style by clicking on the names below.

Much like the unique style of Andy Warhol, our custom Pop Art portraits are fun and very colorful. They can be composed in a single panel or multiple panel layout, depending on your request, as long as your photos permit. If you have questions about any of our dog portraits, cat portraits, or our custom work please contact us. You can also learn more about our creative process on our FAQ page.

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Bailey H - Labrador Retriever Black Lab art
Bailey- Shih Tzu Custom Shih Tzu art
Camille - mixed breed Unique multi paneled art
China - Chinese Pug Custom Pug art
Colby - Airedale Airedale triptych portrait
Cosmo - Las Apso Lhasa Apso commissioned portrait
Dakota - Yellow Labrador Yellow Lab art
Einstein - English Bulldog Warhol inspired Bulldog art
Ella - French Bulldog Fanciful French Bulldog art
Elly - English Bulldog English Bulldog portrait
Elton - mixed breed Fun and fanciful dog art
Euclid - Beagle Memorial Beagle portrait art
Flash - Cockatoo Vibrant Cockatoo art portrait
Flash & LuLu - Basset Hounds Custom Basset Hound Artwork
Geni - Dalmatian Dalmatian art
Gucci - Min Pin Pop art Miniature Pinscher portrait
Gus - Shar Pei Custom Shar Pei portrait
Gwen & Tristan - Chocolate Labradors Chocolate Labs pop art portrait
Hershal - Jack Russell Jack Russell warhol style portrait
Hodgey - Boston Terrier Boston Terrier pop art portrait
Homer - Bulldog Puppy Bulldog puppy art
Ilka - Caucasian Ovtcharka Caucasian Ovtcharka Portrait
Jack - Great Dane Custom Great Dane artwork
Kilo - Chihuahua Creative Chihuahua pop art
Kitty Quartet Warhol style Cat portrait
Lemmy - Alaskan Malamute
Memorial Dog portrait
Liberty - Boxer Cool Boxer art
Lily V - Weimaraner Custom Weimaraner portrait
Louie - Chinese Pug Whimsical Pug art and gifts
Max - Basset Hound Warhol style Basset Hound portrait
Max E - Carin Terrier Carin Terrier art portrait
Moby - English Mastiff English Mastiff breed art
Molly & Bob - Staffordshire Terriers Custom Pit Bull Art
Oliver - Shih Tzu Shitzu pop art portrait
Ozzy - Poodle Poodle pop art
Phoebe - Dachshund Miniature Dachshund art
Pisco - Chihuahua Pop Art Chihuahua
Quincy - French Bulldog Fun French Bulldog art
Rustler - Springer Spaniel Whimsical Springer Spaniel art
Sadie - Brittany Spaniel Fine art Spaniel portrait
Smok - Japanese Chin Japanese Chin dog art
Summer - Golden Retriever Golden Retriever Pop Art
Sutton - Labrador Retriever Pop Art Black Lab
Trooper - Samoyed mix Samoyed custom portrait
Vinnie - Pit Bull Staffordshire Terrier custom portrait
Walker - Black Lab Lab warhol style portrait
Walter & Yaeger - Old English Sheepdogs Old English Sheepdog portrait
Willow - English Bulldog English Bulldog commission warhol style